Þorbjörg Hólmasól is the name of one of Air Iceland connect's airplane (TF-FXH Q200). This illustration is part of a series created as a visualization of the airplanes named after Icelandic female legends.

"The first person born in Eyjafjordur was a girl who was given the name Thorbjorg Holmason (“Islet-Sun”). It is said that she was delivered on a delta in Eyjafjardara river when her parents, settlers Thorunn hyena and Helgi magri (“the lean”), were sailing their ship to Kristnes. There, they built a handsome farmhouse and raised the girl, who was bestowed with the most cheerful epithet in the history of Icelandic settlement. In Akureyri, the region’s first settlers are remembered in various ways; there’s a kindergarten called Holmason after Thorbjorg."

Illustration: Alfreð Ingvar, Aron Bergmann
Art Direction: Dóri Andrésson

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